Galya graduated in Software Engineering from Shenkar and for the past 14 years, specializing in Senior Product Management for Mobile and Social Networks.

Galya is the owner of 2Galvanize Web & Mobile Solution Ltd, a company based out of Vancouver Canada, providing web, mobile, strategy product development services, consulting services and social products for large companies and startups in Canada, US and China.


Galya created, with her team, about 60 high profile apps, websites and back end projects such as reinventing social living in buildings’ high rises with a startup called "bazinga!", creating a private social network for people with health conditions with another start up called "PROTECTIVO", conceived a platform for businesses to create their own location based private social network called: "Cyber2Street". Redesign one of the most popular newspapers in Canada called "TheTimesColonist", and created large travel and group buying sites and also projects in online gaming, apps for Chinese markets in online gambling and in addition to that dating apps.


Her goal in life is to inspire people to achieve their career goals and particularly to inspire women around the world to be as strong and as influential as they can be to then set examples for others.



Galya is also involved with a few charity groups that help the less fortunate at the Vancouver downtown east side.

She is a certified Toastmaster, who has been invited to speak at many business functions, run workshops on email marketing, lead sales conferences on media and technology, and was invited to speak to students in Coquitlam School District’s Gifted Program about women entrepreneurs and public speaking.


Recently Galya was invited to speak at a Startau event at the University of Tel Aviv to share her journey in Entrepreneurship with students and investors participating in the Startau program for Entrepreneurs in Israel .

2Galvanize Web Solutions' YouTube channel:

Galya talks about technology and market trends based on her experience creating web and mobile solutions and about social trends with the purpose of bringing peace, love and empowerment to people around the world.

2Galvanize by Galya Westler